Tow Truck Experience

How I Found the Best Towing Service in Geelong

Most summers, I like to take the wife and kids to the beach for a few days, roughly 85km away from home. The place we normally go to is Lorne, Victoria. Everything was great, the weather, the beaches, the forest, that’s why we keep coming back. Sunday morning and everything is packed and we’re ready for the drive back home. So we are driving along the highway and just over half way, I noticed the car started losing power. I was pushing the accelerator but the car wasn’t responding, not a good sign! The car eventually completely died, I let it roll and moved it safely onto the side of the road as far away from the traffic as possible. I am thinking how this wonderful holiday is now ruined. After calming down I got out and had a look under the hood. I am not a mechanic so I am hoping to find something obvious that maybe I can fix and we can get another 30 minutes out of the car to get home. I have no idea what I am looking at and I don’t see anything. While I was trying to find out what the problem was, my wife was already googling for a tow truck on her phone. She called me back inside the car and told me she found the best towing service in Geelong.
A towing company that seemed great and easy to find, so we did not hesitate and clicked the ‘call now’ button.

Calling a tow truck company for help

A Professional Geelong Towing Service

After speaking with Geelong Tow Truck we couldn’t believe how easy it was. Even their website made it easy as there are ‘call now’ buttons that you can’t miss, no need to memorise the number. They explained everything clearly and made our current situation seem like it wasn’t so bad. And it wasn’t that bad, they didn’t even take an hour to arrive. The tow truck driver has obviously picked up many cars off this highway before. Once the driver arrived he explained again everything in detail and it made perfect sense. I felt comfortable that he would care for our car while getting it onto the tow truck. We organised my wife’s sister to come and pick up her and the kids and I would go with the tow truck. So the wife and kids were out of the way, the car was safely on the tow truck and off we went. I was able to get in contact with my mechanic in Geelong and he was able to meet us at the shop. The drive back with the tow truck driver was great, he was a super friendly guy. It was a great towing service. We arrived at the mechanic shop and my mechanic and the tow truck driver were talking as if they knew each other for years. My mechanic said we chose a good tow truck company, I think he said “the best towing service in Geelong”, it’s the same tow truck company that he uses. He said they are not only the best towing service in Geelong but also the cheapest towing service in Geelong too.

The whole process didn’t even take until lunch time, I thought it would ruin the day. After my sister in law dropped off the kids and my wife, my wife came and picked me up from the mechanic. The car is out of action for a few days. So the entire tow truck experience was super smooth and professional. We couldn’t be happier with how fast and affordable Geelong Tow Truck was. Geelong Tow Truck truly is the best towing service in Geelong.

If you are ever in or around Geelong and you happen to be unlucky enough to be needing a Geelong tow truck, then you are lucky that I have already found the best towing service in Geelong for you.


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